Acne Vulgaris

istock_000001208160xsmallAcne Vulgaris is a form of acne, in which the skin erupts with papules (pimples). This is a chronic skin disorder that usually occurs in children (adolescents) and young adults. The condition is characterized by an increase of sebum (oil) that is found in the sebacious glands, thus yielding the formation of comedones (blackheads and whiteheads).


Two forms of acne vulgaris symptoms are non inflammatory and inflammatory. Non inflammatory acne produces plugged follicles and few pimples, while infammatory acne has many pimples, nodules, and inflammed cysts. Many of these occur on the face, neck, chest, and shoulders. People with acne will appear to have white or blackheads occuring in any of the areas above.


Non inflammatory lesions normally respond to over the counter creams and lotions that contain benzoyle peroxide. This is suspose to dry out the skin. Inflammatory lesions usually require individualized medical treatment under direction of a dermatologist. Oral tetracycline and tretinoin are frequently used and safe even when taken for years. Also, if the acne is severe, isotretinoin is used. This stops the secretion of sebum to the skin and alters the fat composition to the skin surface. In addition, a well balanced diet can decrease the chances of acne development. If acne has left scars, several techniques can be used to remove or improve these. This may include the use of a rotary, high speed brush.

Not many, except if a young child develops this condition, this may lead to adverse affects to one’s self image and self esteem. Young persons may be prone to heat illness, because their bodies are unable to release the heat within their body, because their skin pores are clogged up with the acne. Also, young children may be embarrassed or afraid of what their fellow friends may say. Acne vulgaris has no life-threatening or performing dangers or risks. You should eat a well balanced diet to manage acne and use a mild soap when washing if one has this condition.

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