FITT Principle Precautions an Risk During Exercise

Senior couple on cycle ride• Frequency — 5  to 7 days per week
• Intensity — talk as you walk, i.e. the intensity should be such, that one does not feel short of breath
• Time/Duration —  30 to 60 minute excluding warm-up and cool-down, minimum 4 hours per week
• Type —  exercise that is continuous, uses large muscles and is aerobic.

What Precautions are to be Observed?

1. General precautions:

• Consult the doctor before starting an exercise program.

• The duration of the sessions should be between 20 and 30 minutes for type 1
CAUTION diabetes and from 40 to 60 minutes for type 2 diabetes.

• In diabetic retinopathy avoid jumping or exercises where pressure is increased around eyes (sit ups, push ups).

• Check blood sugar before and after an exercise. • Plan exercise to prevent low blood sugar reactions

o Exercise 1 to 11/2 hours after eating.
o Always carry a carbohydrate snack (juice, glucose tablets, etc.).

Precautions to reduce the chances of exercise related risks:

• Always warm-up and cool-down
• Avoid extremes of heat and cold
• Avoid maximum intensity of exercise
• Reduce exercise at the feeling of overload
• Report any abnormal feelings/ symptoms.

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