Blood glucose meter testing tips

It is important to carefully follow the directions of the monitor you are going to use.

Testing Tips

* To increase blood flow, the hands should be washed in warm water or massaged from palm to the fingertip before pricking.

* Hands should be dried before the prick.

* It is less painful to prick the side of the finger, rather than the fleshy pad.

* The blood should be allowed to fall onto the test strip pad without finger touching the pad. The oils from the skin could cause meter to give inaccurate reading.
* There should be enough blood to cover the sensitive area on the test strip.

* Change fingers each time.

* Once the drop is on the pad try not to smear it and more blood should not be added.

* If the meter requires that excess blood be wiped from the test strip pad, use only the material (a cotton ball or sterile pad) that the meter manufacturer recommends. The fibres from the wiping material could affect the meter’s accuracy.
What Precautions are to be Observed Before Using Test Strips?

* Are the strips fresh? Look for expiry date. Look for colour changes on the strip pad, which can indicate chemical spoilage.

* Are the strips properly stored? Avoid exposing the strips to light.

* Are you spending the time to calibrate your meter to each new batch of test strips? There are variations from one batch to another.

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