Memory Loss induced by a medical condition

People say they are suffering from old timers when they suffer an occasional lapse of memory. The phrase is a play of words on the more serious Alzheimer’s disease. The tendency to forget is not always only due to old age, but quite often a result of a medical condition that is responsible for  problems with loss of memory.
Medical Conditions

Loss of memory can be cause by a whole host of medical conditions. Doctors may find it hard to spot a linkage between poor memory and an existing medical condition. The dearth of symptoms pointing to such a link up is one such reason.  You must be your own best observer and be able to point out to your physician that your memory lapses are far more recurrent than before. He will then judge, after some tests, that whether you just need to exercise your memory to increase it, or whether you need to be on a medical regime for a medical condition.

Are their emotions involved in your memory loss?

It is your brain that is in total control of all your body functions, and it is not surprising that it occasionally gets a bit overloaded. Maybe you are going through some emotional upheavals because of certain events of your life that you find depressing. Your brain will constantly worry about this issue and not have time to remember others. This is when you find it difficult to remember mundane matters or recall others. Your feeling of sadness or loneliness will take your mind into worrying solely about this, and this is when you just cannot expect your memory to be normal.

Be sure that you have no emotional issues unresolved, before you go into any exercise to improve your memory. Take care of it, so that your brain can focus exclusively on committing things to memory, which may be an essential part of the method of increasing your memory. If the problem with the emotional issue is too difficult for you to solve, ask your physician for some medication or consult a psychiatrist who is professionally more adept in these matters of the mind.

Problems caused by your Body’s Biology

You may not be aware of it, but having enough body fluids is very important to keep your body and brain in good condition. A lack of sufficient hydration in your body can impact your brain negatively. People are not immediately aware that they are in a state of dehydration till they begin to feel a fainting spell coming on. Any feeling of thirst is a first sign of the lack of fluids in your body. Once you have consumed sufficient fluids and rehydrated yourself, you may find that all of a sudden your memory has improved. Drinking of at least eight glasses of water a day is a must for a normal adult, to ensure that his memory and brain are functioning normally.

Serious Conditions

Alzheimer’s disease is one of the more serious medical conditions that cause lapses of memory. The symptoms are slow to appear, and may be something as mundane as not remembering a list. The disease eventually progresses to more difficult stages and the disease are at the present moment is not considered curable. So all the more reason, that you share your occasional memory lapses, with your physician. Let the doctor diagnosed of what your condition actually is.

There could be other biological reasons for your lapses of memory. It is always best to visit your doctor to help you with your memory problem.

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