Change your body shape in 14 days!

PureAcaiBerryYou already feel the summer? … Hot season is approaching. I think you already started thinking about the figure. You want to look better or at least you can keep your form. Perhaps you have already begun to take action. You always have to do something to get off any accrued kg over the winter. Indeed, you are on track, but need to know something. For results to be  truly sustainable, you need a balanced lifestyle and a proper diet. Whole grain-based products play an essential role in diet associated with exercise. If, every morning, you make a habit of eating a bowl of whole grain, you will ensure an important part of the necessary nutrients you need during the day. Moreover, independent studies have shown: women who eat whole grains tend to maintain much longer silhouette. What is so special about whole grains? Maybe you are not yet clarified. Ever heard of whole grains but do not know exactly what they are and, especially, why are so important for nutrition. Whole grains are obtained from corn, wheat, barley or oats and are recommended for daily intake, especially at breakfast. Breakfast is an important source and minerals and can not be substituted by any other meal of the day. Breakfast cereal is very beneficial because it contains carefully measured and selected amounts of protein, fiber and carbohydrates. How that happens? The secret lies in how to prepare whole grains.

As the name suggests, whole grains lose nothing of the essential components of fresh grains. When grains are milled or refined, much of the nutritional value of grain disappears. Inner membrane is rich in carbohydrates and protein and outer membrane and germ contain the highest amounts of nutrients. Germ contains B vitamins, vitamin E and antioxidants and outer membrane contains fiber, B vitamins and minerals like calcium and iron. Each part of the whole grain has specific nutritional values, but just the combination of the three parts form the basis for effective and unique
health benefits of whole grains. Nutrients of the three parties, combined, will
give you energy and you will be able to work all the day. Thus, eating cereal
and following an exercise program you will get a great tone and you can reach an enviable figure more quickly, because the summer is knocking on the door.


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