Childhood Obesity- A major threat in America

Overweight babyObesity is a major concern in American children and it can lead to devastating and harmful consequences. Obesity can lead to problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart problems, joint problems and growth problems. In America, the number of obese children has tripled in the last thirty years and it is still rising. This rising rate of childhood obesity has to be controlled. The main cause of childhood obesity is eating fast food. Children these days love to eat fast food that is high in calories and fats. Another cause of childhood obesity is lack of exercise in children. Outdoor games are a great way of exercise. Due to the advancement in technology and invention of new modes of entertainment like video games, computers, etc. children are not keen on going out to play.

If the lifestyle and diet of children is changed to a healthier one, then childhood obesity can be prevented. The diet should be changed to healthier, high nutrition but low fat and low calorie diet. Gym classes and outdoor games should be made compulsory in school to keep the children fit and healthy.

Peer pressure is one thing that affects children a lot. Peer pressure is one of the aspects of growing up and has to be dealt with in a proper manner. This pressure affects mostly children with low self confidence and low self esteem. Obese children are often made fun of and laughed at; this lowers their self esteem and confidence. Obese children usually don’t like being part of a group. Peer pressure affects them the most because they already have low self confidence. Support of parents is very important for children to handle peer pressure. Discuss your children’s problems; talk to your children about peer pressure. Make them feel that they are loved and you are there to support them. Serve as an excuse for them; make it easier for them to handle the pressure of their peers.

Childhood obesity is increasing at a rapid pace in America. Many parents, doctors and teachers are worried about the impending health of their children; they are anxious about their children’s future. Steps have to be taken to control this rapid rate of growth of childhood obesity.

The first and the basic step that needs to be taken is to implement a low calorie, low fat diet and lot of exercise. Low metabolism rate of the body is the basic cause of weight gain. Thirty minutes of aerobic exercise daily can help increase the metabolic rate of your child and thus make your child healthier and slimmer.

Obesity can also be in the genes, your child might have inherited it from you. If your child runs away from exercising, you could implement activities that the whole family can do together. Go for a walk, swim or play baseball. Do any physical activity that you can do together as a family. Fresh fruits and vegetables should be easily available in your home. Avoid fast foods and snacks that are high in calories and fats. Make healthy snacks and meals for your family. These steps will surely help your child to lose weight and stay fit.
Obesity in teenagers and youth can be prevented in a number of ways. The body mass index of a child determines whether the child is obese or not. Be wise and recognize the signs of obesity at the very beginning and nip it in the bud. Set good examples for your children. Encourage your children to exercise, join them and exercise together as a family. There is a high probability that obese children become obese adults, so help your child combat obesity and make their future safe and secure.

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