Cold vs. Flu


Once penetrated by nasal or laryngeal begins to multiply and state by sore throat, runny nose, cough. Your body starts to pay attention to the predilection – the temperature rise and fight for a week or two, after which everything returns to normal.

The best way to treat a cold is a thru medication, bed rest, hot fluids and fruit juices. So-called cold medicines that removes only managed to ease symptoms without affecting the disease.

Cold vaccine does not exist but you can try other means of protection. Your immunity will be high if you eat healthy, get enough sleep and not become totally sedentary. For maintenance you cant take some vitamin supplements.

It is very important to maintain moisture, keep a bowl of water in the room – you can turn it into a special decorative element. Dry air dries out your nose and throat membranes, creating an environment for the development of germs. Healthy is the lowest temperature that you feel comfortable.
A measure of prevention is by washing hands, the more often the better.


Unlike colds, the flu is contagious and make more damages. Symptoms are more intense, and although not a serious illness, the elderly or children may escalate into pneumonia or other serious health problems.

Symptoms occur on average 3 days after exposure to the virus. Fever, chills, cough, sore throat, muscle pain … about the same symptoms of cold, but more severe and longer lasting.

Influenza viruses are highly contagious. Usually, when one member of the family falls ill, everyone peers, colleagues and children. Once entered into a community, influenza virus spreads could not be stopped.

Treatment? Same as the common cold: bed rest, fluids and medications to relieve symptoms. Children and teenagers should not take aspirin without medical supervision because of serious side effects they cause.

There are people who believe that the flu is cured by taking antibiotics. It is false and harmful. Influenza is caused by a virus, so substances that kill bacteria does not have any effect.

Take influenza vaccine. Because every year new strains of viruses appear, vaccines are valid one year. Ideal is to do at the beginning of influenza season. Installing immunity takes about 2 weeks. Featured are elderly, over 65 years, and those who suffer from other health problems.

You can even get sick from flu vaccine, will not prevent 100%, but the symptoms will be easy and risk of complications will be lower.

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