How many of us need multivitamins?

Millions of people around the world regularly take vitamins, the desire to maintain their health and to combat physical and mental states of exhaustion. Sure, it is not bad, but that does not mean you should abuse or to take any kind of pills in this category, you should know how to choose the most appropriate in terms of needs.

In fact, if we eat healthy every day and we take care of the daily diet to not miss our essential nutrients, multivitamins would not be necessary for the body. But how many of us eat ?

Most usually we have mineral deficiencies such as calcium or magnesium, or vitamins such as A, B, C and E, some people are prone to serious vitamin deficiencies that can cause serious imbalances in the body. In this category are found pregnant women, people who have adopted a strict vegetarian diet.

Over time, these problems may worsen. For example, iron deficiency can cause anemia, sometimes severe forms of manifestation, acute and prolonged deficiency of vitamin B12 can cause irreversible damage to the nervous system.

The problem is that many of us tend to think we are somehow “absolved” to eat healthy and at least three times a day, if we take vitamins. But this is a wrong approach to the situation and certainly not acted correctly. Multivitamins are healthy and indicated no one says otherwise, but it lacks many essential elements – fibers, for example.  After all, why they are called “supplements”. Their role is to improve vitamin and mineral intake, and not to feed us. Therefore, they are perhaps necessary sometimes, but in no case should we rely on them.

Vitamins could prevent chronic diseases?

The truth is that you should not rely on it. Yes, as a generality, may reduce the risk, but a small percentage. Heart disease, renal and malignant diseases are not only extremely rarely positively influenced by vitamin intake – colon cancer, for example, could be prevented taking multivitamins – but they should not aggregate more than 30 days in total. In the same note, calcium supplements could prevent osteoporosis.

What should I be careful?

* Unless were specifically recommended by your physician, avoid significant proportion of pills containing vitamin A (retinol). Excess may cause problems with your liver and bone.

* Be careful in terms of iron, too much could cause very serious disease because it is a powerful antioxidant and is likely to adversely affect cellular metabolism.

* Vitamin D is essential for calcium absorption, should not be present in quantities too large, hypercalcaemia causes dizziness, nausea, vomiting and violent headaches.

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