Management of Diabetes

Terms you should know

Control of Diabetes: Maintaining glucose (sugar) level in the blood at optimal levels.

Honeymoon Period: The period of time in diabetics during which the blood glucose levels improve to normal or near-normal levels. It is referred as honeymoon period because the diabetic can enjoy the freedom from insulin injections only once and that too for a short period.

Management of diabetes is in a holistic manner, at all levels of the being: physical, emotional and mental. It is important to recognise the effects of stress, emotional imbalance, dietary and living habits on the disease condition and to consider all these factors in the management of diabetes.

It is also important to diagnose and treat diabetes early, because it can cause damage even before it is diagnosed. The results from multiple medical studies have proved that the level of blood sugar control predicts the onset and severity of diabetes-related complications.

This means that if a diabetic, can keep blood sugar levels as close as possible to normal, he or she can live a normal life span with a few complications.

A diabetic who controls his blood sugar level has the following advantages:

(a) In the ‘short-run’

* feels better
* stays healthy
* has more energy

(b) In the long-run’

* lowers the chances of having eye disease, kidney disease, nerve damage and heart diseases

* enjoys a better quality of life.

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