H5N1 virus – a serious threat to public health

The main route of transmission of H5N1 to humans is through direct contact with infected animals or contaminated surfaces. Also, by killing and consumption of infected meat increases the risk of contracting the virus. Another risk factor is the waters that were identified bodies and droppings of infected birds.

Attention to symptoms!
The main symptoms recorded to humans are:

* Hoarseness;
* Cough;
* Fever (39-40 degrees Celsius);
* Muscle aches;
* Intense headache;
* Acute respiratory failure (difficulty breathing and chest pain).

Measures to prevent H5N1 disease
You should not think that this virus is hardly transmitted to people and you are not liable to contract the disease. Not cost you anything to take care of your health and to respect some rules of hygiene and safety, some tips required in this situation:

* Avoid areas where birds were found infected with H5N1 virus, such as households, farms or live bird markets;
* Wash your hands with soap and water, especially after contact with birds, or wash your hands with sanitary alcohol;
* H5N1 virus is resistant to a temperature of 70 degrees Celsius, so the chicken must be eaten only after being cooked (which inactivate the virus) at a temperature higher than that specified;
* Do not eat poultry meat and eggs that have been around outbreaks of infection;
* Avoid eating foods that may contain blood of infected birds, before being cooked thoroughly;
* Do not use the same knife or cutting tool to prepare raw meat and ready-to-eat foods;
* Separate raw meat from cooked or foods that they are going to eat them;
* Do not touch cooked food immediately after you took the raw meat, but wash your hands before.
* Do not put cooked meat on the same plate or surface that you put raw meat;
* Pay attention to the yolks: they must not be liquid and seeps;
* Wash eggs with soap and water before you cooked them and do not forget to clean your hands;
* Do not use raw or soft-boiled eggs in the composition of foods that will not be cooked;
* After you’ve finished cooking, wash your hands with soap and water and do the same to tool used and kitchen.

In conclusion, until now known as the H5N1 virus is mainly found in birds. But genetic barrier between animal and human body works “halfway” latest results showed that the virus is transmitted to humans – really hard – through direct contact with infected animals and contaminated surfaces. So, a first mutation “destroyed” this genetic barrier and made possible virus transmission to humans. Another mutation, which all experts fear, and that would allow inter-human transmission can not be excluded …

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