Is coffee good for your health?

For many years, coffee is blamed for triggering many medical conditions – from funny reply “I will stop the growth!” to less fun to worry, according to which can lead to heart disease and cancer. However, recent studies indicate that coffee does not affect so much the health, so as negative criticism initially thought. After all, that is the answer? Coffee consumption has benefits or disadvantages to your health status?

Following a May 2009 study, involving 128,000 women and men, it was found that there is an increased risk for cardiovascular disease consumers of filtered coffee. The results of this study show that the risk of such diseases outburst is not influenced by the amount of filtered coffee consumption.

Another study, in March 2009, involving 4,000 consumers of coffee, show that two or more cups of coffee a day can lead to an increased risk of triggering a heart disease in people with a genetic mutation.

Regarding the other advantages that can make coffee to your general health status, there is some scientific evidence consistently showing that coffee consumption protects the body against type 2 diabetes and colon cancer.

Do not know exactly why coffee can prevent type 2 diabetes, but doctors have offered several possible explanations.

Coffee contains antioxidants that control the cell damage that contributes to the disease. It is also a source of clorogenic acid – in experiments on animals, was shown to reduce glucose concentrations.

Caffeine, perhaps coffee’s most famous component, seems to have any connection with it. Studies have examined coffee without the caffeine content showed that the liquid decrease the risk of triggering the disease in the same proportion as coffee containing caffeine.

Large quantities of coffee seem to help prevent diabetes – researchers found that people who drink four to six cups of coffee a day had a 28% lower risk of diabetes than people who drink two cups daily Coffee or less. Studies have shown that people who consume more than six cups of coffee per day had a risk of disease with 35% less.

However protection against these conditions – such as type 2 diabetes or colon cancer – is more obvious due to the consumption of fruits, vegetables and some cereals. As such, do not be afraid to enjoy your daily cup of coffee, but always keep in mind the fact that your diet should contain a wide variety of food and drinks!

There are also other benefits that coffee brings to your health: scientific evidence shows that a cup of coffee may be beneficial to your body. How much coffee is stronger, the better. Therefore, researchers recommend an espresso rather than a regular coffee. Coffee contains tannin and antioxidants that have beneficial effects on heart and arteries.

Also, coffee may be considered “responsible” for the “disappearance” of headaches and liver activity – can prevent the occurrence of cirrhosis and gall bladder stones. Coffee contains caffeine which can reduce asthma attacks, improve blood flow to the heart.

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