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Is coffee good for your health?

For many years, coffee is blamed for triggering many medical conditions – from funny reply “I will stop the growth!” to less fun to worry, according to which can lead to heart disease and cancer. However, recent studies indicate that coffee does not affect so much the health, so as negative criticism initially thought. After all, that is the answer? Coffee consumption has benefits or disadvantages to your health status? Following a May 2009 study, involving 128,000 women and men,... 

Type 2 Diabetes – Associated Symptoms and Conditions

* Lens in the eyes becomes gradually opaque (Cataracts) The reason for the appearance of these symptoms are: Fatigue: In diabetes, the body is not able to utilize glucose. Therefore, the body starts using fat as a source of energy. This process is not efficient. The result is feeling of fatigue or constant tiredness. Excessive thirst (polydipsia): In order to counteract high blood sugar levels body tries to dilute the high blood sugar back to normal levels. The body encourages more water consumption...