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Foods to avoid

Milk and milk products: Buffalo milk contains abundant fat. Hence, skimmed milk should be consumed. Cream and butter are rich in fats and hence best avoided. Processed cheese is also rich in fat. However, homemade cottage cheese (paneer) prepared from skimmed milk can be consumed freely. Junk food: Junk foods typically are a combination of bad carbohydrates and bad fat. They are high in saturated or hydrogenated oils, animal fat and bad carbohydrates. The typical examples are pizza and burgers.... 

Bad carbs good carbs and the truth about sugar free

Bad carbohydrates: Carbohydrates, which are digested and absorbed rapidly, are termed as bad carbohydrates. Rapidly absorbing sugar, fruit juices, white bread, polished rice, cakes, ice creams and cola drinks are some of the examples. They are considered bad because they lead to rapid rise in blood sugar levels leading to release of large amount of insulin, which reduces blood sugar level rapidly. As a result, the person feels hungry and eats again.  

Food items allowed fruits sprouts

Which Food Items are Allowed in the Diabetic Diet? The whole diet can be summarised into a single sentence — “Eat a diet low in fats, rich in complex carbohydrates and fibres”. This means a vegetarian diet in which all vegetarian items are allowed with the exception of nut and seeds and their oils. A list is given below for your reference:  

Diet plan meal plan for diabetics

The general aims of nutrition therapy in diabetes are as follows: • Improvement in carbohydrate and lipid metabolism to as close to normal as possible • Attainment of appropriate body weight • Reduction in the risk of atherosclerosis. An ideal diabetic diet should have the following qualities: 1. It should be easy to follow. 2. The food should be delicious. 3. One should be able to eat sufficient so that he feels satisfied. 4. The food items should be easily available. 5. In addition to sugar... 

Diet for diabetics

Being diagnosed with diabetes, often, means that a person needs to change his eating habits. Those of us who have ever tried various ‘diets’ know exactly how difficult it is to change the eating pattern. In most of the controlled diets, there is a severe restriction on calories intake. Because of this restriction, the person is perpetually hungry, feels deprivation of food and if the food does not taste good due to lack of flavour, the person longs for more food. As a result, he abandons...