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How can you prevent infection with hepatitis C?

There is no vaccine for Hepatitis C Chronic hepatitis C is currently a major public health problem worldwide. Hepatitis C has been compared like a ” time bomb”. World Health Organization estimates that about 180 million people, ie 3% of world population is infected with hepatitis C and of these, 130 million are chronic carriers of hepatitis C virus with high risk of developing cirrhosis or liver cancer. Acute hepatitis C virus infection is asymptomatic in 8 of 10 cases – that... 

Cold vs. Flu

Cold Once penetrated by nasal or laryngeal begins to multiply and state by sore throat, runny nose, cough. Your body starts to pay attention to the predilection – the temperature rise and fight for a week or two, after which everything returns to normal. The best way to treat a cold is a thru medication, bed rest, hot fluids and fruit juices. So-called cold medicines that removes only managed to ease symptoms without affecting the disease. Cold vaccine does not exist but you can try other means...