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Childhood Obesity- A major threat in America

Obesity is a major concern in American children and it can lead to devastating and harmful consequences. Obesity can lead to problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart problems, joint problems and growth problems. In America, the number of obese children has tripled in the last thirty years and it is still rising. This rising rate of childhood obesity has to be controlled. The main cause of childhood obesity is eating fast food. Children these days love to eat fast food that is high... 

Central adiposity its significance as a risk factor

What is Central Obesity/Adiposity? What is its Significance? Central obesity means excessive deposition of fats on the abdomen as compared to waist, thus producing an apple like appearance. It is measured as Waist/Hip Ratio (WHR). This measurement gives an idea about the amount of fat present in the body. If the WHR is more than 0.85, than it can be a health hazard to that individual.