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How to have healthy feet all summer

Sunny days have given the green light to hiking, holidays spent at the seaside or swimming pool. However, it is important that you pay special attention to potential problems that could bring the warmest season of the year. To have healthy legs, we give you some tips that guarantee a peaceful and relaxing summer without visits to doctor. Here’s how you can avoid some problems specific to the season: 1. Avoid going barefoot We know it is hot and the shoes or sandals are almost unbearable to... 

Happy New Years to our readers

Medical Guides was established in 2007 for the benefit of bringing medical awareness to the general public and to educate about medical conditions, symptoms and remedies in a simple and concise manner.  The guides are written by medical professionals who conduct careful research to ensure that all information provided is up to date. We thank all our readers for their continued support and we hope to bring you daily updates and guides. Happy New Year!