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Exercise Terms You Should Know

Aerobic Exercise: An exercise that uses oxygen for energy production. It is more efficient and generates fewer waste products as compared to the anaerobic exercise. When we use the term aerobic exercise, we usually mean — sustained or continuous exercise of major muscles of the body. Anaerobic Exercise: When we begin to exercise, initial energy is provided by the blood, which is present in the muscles. As this blood is not rich in oxygen, the energy production is not efficient and plenty of waste... 

Limits Of Excercise Tolerance: Cardiac Stress Test

Indication suggesting that the limits of exercise tolerance have been crossed: • Dizziness/giddiness • Recurrent and excessive fatigue • Unusually heavy sweating • Rapid or irregular heartbeats • Unusual shortness of breath • Pain in arm, chest, jaw or back, during or immediately after exercise. Any of the above sign is an indication to stop immediately and consult the doctor regarding the problems encountered during exercise. Do not exercise, if any the following problems are present: •... 

FITT Principle Precautions an Risk During Exercise

• Frequency — 5  to 7 days per week • Intensity — talk as you walk, i.e. the intensity should be such, that one does not feel short of breath • Time/Duration —  30 to 60 minute excluding warm-up and cool-down, minimum 4 hours per week • Type —  exercise that is continuous, uses large muscles and is aerobic. What Precautions are to be Observed?