Alzheimer’s Patient And The Dangers Of Driving Alone

It is not easy to care for your loved one if he or she is a victim of Alzheimer’s disease. When a person is suffering from this health condition, his or her family members will always worried and one of such worries will be that you may have if it will be wise for the patient to drive alone. While some people still drive when they are diagnosed some people do not drive. I am sure you are aware that one of the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease is memory loss and it is because of this that you must be worried about letting the patient drive alone.

As I have mentioned earlier, there are few patients of Alzheimer’s disease who still drive even though they have been diagnosed with this disorder. However, most of them tend to forget their way home and they usually end up feeling lost and scared because they know they want to go home but they have forgotten the way that they should take that would take them home. Getting lost is the first danger of driving alone and it is recommended that you do not allow the patient to drive alone because he or she may not be able to find the way back home.
One other danger of the patient driving alone is that he or she may ignore the traffic signals. I am sure you are aware that failure to do this will cause trouble as the patient may continue to drive even though the traffic signal shows the red light. It can lead to an accident and people can get hurt. Furthermore, even if the patient sees the traffic signal, he or she may forget what the different traffic lights mean. Alzheimer’s patient lack concentration and they may either drive too fast or too slow. I am sure you are aware that all drivers should follow a certain speed limit. They can not drive too fast or too slow. If the patient drives too fast or too slow, it can cause problems.

If the condition of the patient is in the late stages, it is recommended that you do not allow him or her to drive because there is not reason why you should take any risk with him or her. Simply take away the car keys from the patient and hide the keys in a place where the patient will not be able to find. Of course, the patient will not be happy with the situation and he or she may get angry or hostile. Just make sure you know how to calm this person down so that he or she does not do anything stupid.

You can not keep the patient inside the house all the time. You have to take him or her out regularly so that the patient will not feel bored. If your loved one wants to drive then you can imply tell him or her that you want to go along and you will drive the car. This way you do not have to worry about anything.

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