How to Avoid Excessive Weight Gain When You Quit Smoking While You’re Pregnant

Most pregnant women worry about gaining too much weight. Most people that try to quit smoking have the same worry. Avoiding excessive weight gain while pregnant and trying to quit smoking has unique challenges. Follow these guidelines to see you through to the end of a healthy, smoke-free pregnancy.

Your Unique Challenges

Congratulations! You’ve recently found out that you’re pregnant. You may be experiencing all kinds of excitement and anxiety about what to expect while you’re expecting. However, you may be a lot more anxious than excited if you’re a smoker.

Gaining too much weight during pregnancy is a concern that many expectant moms have. However, if you have decided to quit smoking while you’re pregnant then you may be worried about fighting two battles against excessive weight gain.

Since women are more likely than men to gain weight when they quit, you really have the deck stacked against you. That´s why it´s so important for you to adopt a strategy to combat gaining too much weight when you start to quit smoking while you´re pregnant.

Hopefully you are not planning to make these changes alone. Your chances of succeeding will increase by seeking help from your doctor, a smoking cessation counselor, a dietitian, and other women who have quit smoking while pregnant. Here are some guidelines you can put into practice in addition to the advice you get from your health care team and support group.

Why You Gain Weight When You Quit Smoking

Nicotine is an appetite suppressant. When you quit smoking, you lose the drug that keeps you from eating more so you´re hungrier. You will want to fill the void of putting a cigarette in your mouth with food. The tendency is to eat during the times you used to smoke. Food also works to comfort you from the stress of trying to quit smoking.

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