Communicate Effectively With the Patient Of Alzheimer’s

Portrait of Worried Senior CoupleMost of the patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease feel frustrated and angry because they are unable to communicate with others properly. They can not remember the words to describe what they want to say and moreover, they are also unable to interpret or understand some of the complex words or sentences used by normal people.

If you know someone who has Alzheimer’s or if your loved one is suffering from this disorder, make sure that you speak to him slowly so that he can gradually interpret what you are trying to tell him. Do not speak so fast and so not expect him to answer you in very little time. Like I said, you should give him some time to understand what you have said and you should also give him time to think of the right words to reply back to you. If he senses that you are getting impatient then he may end up getting angry or frustrated. Many people who have relatives with this disease often think that the patients can not hear properly but this is not the case. The patient simply needs some time to understand what you have said.

So is it possible for us to talk to someone with Alzheimer’s disease? Yes, it is possible and it is through validation. Basically, validation means that you are letting the patient know that you have heard what he has said to you and you understand what the patient is feeling. If the feelings of the patient are not validated then he will end up feeling annoyed and angry.

When you are talking to the patient, you have to make sure that you do not make the person angry, hurt or upset. It is not easy to talk to a person who has Alzheimer’s disease but with more practice and patience you will learn how to talk with the patient properly. You should remember not to talk to the patient as if he is a baby or as if he is not present in the same room as you are. This can hurt his feelings.

When you are talking to him, you should make use of simple and short sentences so that the patient will be able to understand you properly. Do not forget to call his name before you talk to him. This way, you can be sure that the patient will listen to whatever it is that you want to say to him. Avoid turning on the radio or television when you are talking to the patient because it can distract the patient and he may not be able to listen properly.

If you find that the patient is trying to look for a ward, you can try suggesting some words that you feel he wants to use. This way, you will be able to help him say whatever that he wants to say, without making him angry or annoyed. Once you get used to talking to an Alzheimer’s patient, you will know what to do when you are communicating with him.

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