Eating Food That’s Rich In Water, Potato & Rice

orange w clipping pathAdvantages of eating foods rich in water content: Nearly 80% of human body is composed of water. The fluids perform the most essential functions of supplying nutrients and carrying waste products from every cell of the body.

A cell cannot function if it is loaded with waste products. Water is best solvent known to man and it can dissolve maximum number of solids in it. It is the best medium for dissolving and excreting waste from the body.

If we analyse our diet, we will realise that we eat a diet, which hardly contains 15  to 20% water. The purpose of our food is not to overload the body with solid wastes but to assist the body in eliminating the wastes in addition to its main purpose of providing the nutrients for energy.

Therefore, to remain healthy, increase the intake of salads, watery vegetables, sprouts, fruits, etc. Instead of eating samosas and other savouries for snack, have fruits.

they can easily be interchanged. In South India and in countries where rice is the staple diet, people continue to eat rice even when they develop diabetes and still they can control their blood sugar levels.

Therefore, diabetic patients can consume rice. However, eating brown rice is better than eating polished rice as brown rice contains more fibres. Potato provides 1 calorie per gram and contains complex carbohydrates.

Thus, if a person eats 100 grams of potato, he has consumed only 100 calories, that too in from of complex carbohydrates. This gives a feeling of fullness to the patient. Therefore, diabetic patients also can consume potato freely.

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