How to get rid of bad breath

bad-breathBad breath or halitosis is caused, usually, of a poor oral hygiene. However, there are other factors that can cause halitosis, such as gum disease, respiratory system, teeth affected by decay, an inadequate diet, a lazy digestion or constipation, smoking or alcohol abuse, other liver diseases or kidney.

Morning bad breath occurs, especially after dehydration of the body, but also because of reduced amount of saliva secreted in the mouth overnight and has thus allowed the bacteria. Halitosis is associated usually with very loaded tongue.

If your gums, tongue and even teeth, because of deposits and bacteria give off unpleasant odors, then is appropriate to adopt healthy oral hygiene habits to finally get rid of this problem. Thus, brushing your teeth properly, careful use of dental floss and toothpaste, mouth rinse well with clean water can do wonders.

What should I know?

See what are the side effects of medications you take. It is possible to be the cause of halitosis. If the answer is yes, consult your family doctor to see to what alternative you have for that treatment. In any case, do not interrupt your treatment! Only your doctor is able to advise you about this, based on tests and your medical history.

For several days, be careful of what diet you follow – in your diet have made their way foods that can cause bad breath? Garlic, onions and certain types of fish known to be responsible for the appearance of halitosis. As such, it is necessary to give up food and products that give an odor of mouth.

There are many natural solutions that can help you in your approach. For example, there are many plants, because of their properties can freshen your breath – chewing a blade of parsley or mint before and after every meal to get rid of halitosis is good in such situations.

If you prefer to solve this problem normally, then you’ll probably resort to gargle with mouthwash and chewing gum – attention to these products can cause health problems! Be careful to commercial mouthwash – there is a risk that raise awareness and irritated gums. Choose a product that suits you or, even better, rinse your mouth with a few drops of peppermint oil diluted in a glass of water. Do not swallow.

Do not take freshening breath menthol candy because they contain sugar, which feeds bacteria from the tongue.

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