How To Treat Skin Lesions?


Skin lesions (wounds), produced by the action of external factors (mechanical, thermal and chemical), differentiates between them by the mechanism of production, location, depth, area affected, and the pathogen during the addressability of specialized patient services. Thus, they have a healing period of approximately 15-20 days.

People have always hoped that they would reduce the duration of wound healing, but have finally realized that this process is a biological clock that can not be change. In the best case, could only promote or optimize the healing process, using: gentian violet, balsam of Peru, cartilage or bone powder, zinc oxide and oxygen.

And, once the scar is formed, it evolves between 6 and 12 months, during which special care is required for maturation and for architectural and aesthetic arrangement of scar.

Wounds treated in time

Wounds treated in time, for 6-8 hours is still considered contaminated, but with low-infection.
Often, for purely aesthetic reasons, surface sutures, absorbable, are replaced with Ster-Strip (material similar to plaster), packaged sterile, well-tolerated by the skin because of that material.

Untreated wound in time

Wounds receiving medical care for 6-8 hours later, are called infectious wounds, have a different treatment protocol, often being treated in hospital. Complications arise in these cases is common and can lead to serious infections and even sepsis and in unfortunate cases, death.

These wounds require a wider excision (complete removal of contaminated and devitalized tissues by the action of aggressive agents and bacterial flora developed during this time). These wounds will close after 3-4 days.

In such cases, are required: an antibiotic, vitamin C, vitamin A, E and last but not least immobilization and application of local cold compresses.

Healing lesions

Once completed the three stages of healing wounds (traumatic inflammation, wound healing and fibro-granular conjunctiva of epithelization), which takes over 15-20 days, we deal with a scar that will evolve over time to maturity .

Not always a post-traumatic or postoperative scar will be aesthetic acceptable. Not to mention of scars post-combustion, which from the beginning will have an unfavorable evolution, they are vicious and unsightly.

We know that for young children the healing is much better and faster, but there is a higher risk of making an “ugly scar”.

Scar will be treated with local application of collagen or aloevera every day, at least twice. Treatment must be monitored regularly by your doctor, who follows the evolution and scar maturation.

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