How to “reconcile” diabetes and heat

While we waited a whole for summer holidays, for trips to mountains and sea, for walks in nature, we must recognize that extremely high temperatures will not allow us to breathe without difficulty and almost no hope that we find so the relax we need. These months are even more difficult for people who suffer from some chronic diseases such as diabetes.

Hot weather can quickly lead to dehydration, so it is necessary at this time that each of us to consume larger quantity of liquids – not just people with diabetes are at risk. However dehydration may occur when glucose levels in the body is high, regardless of outside temperature – when the mercury in thermometers seems to be crazy, is more important to assure the necessary body fluids.

Every day, drink plenty of fluids, especially water. But watch out of juice with a high concentration of sugar and drink for sportsmen, since they may aggravate the situation. Try to reduce their consumption.

After studies, it was found that drinks containing who contain caffeine in moderation does not affect blood glucose levels. However consumption of caffeine in considerable quantities in a short time, lead to increased blood sugar levels.

It is recommended that sports activities and physical exercises to be done in the early morning hours or late hours of the evening, when temperatures are not so high and the sun’s harmful rays can not harm you. Protection should be the key word!

Also on hot weather, check your blood glucose frequently. Hyperglycaemia may be a when is extremely hot outside.

People with diabetes are more likely to suffer from sun exposure, may become so crucial to know which are the first signs and symptoms of its occurrence:

excessive sweating;
muscle cramps;
clammy skin or soft and sticky;
fast heartbeat;

Rest in the shadow and use generous amounts of water. In such situations, it is advisable to contact the doctor, you may call for a specialist consultation.

Hot weather can do problems when it comes to transport doses of insulin. Insulated bags with pockets are ideal for cold storage of instruments, syringes, and insulin. Keep equipment away from direct sunlight, as much as possible.

With attention, planning and taking into account several factors, summer may still remain a great season, which we enjoy the most.

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