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Why Should We Fear Osteoporosis

Silent disease – osteoporosis – is a serious health problem with social and psychological implications, the huge costs involved, and by their associated morbidity and mortality. Often the most obvious symptom of this disease manifestation is osteoporotic fracture. But many women have also suffered fractures without them to be evaluated as such. Currently, the risk that a woman suffering an osteoporotic fracture approaches 40% and 20% of a hip fracture victims die next year because of... 

Osteoporosis Facts – Definition and brief overview of osteoporosis

Osteoporosis (literally meaning porous bones) is a common condition characterized by reduced mineral bone density which most often affects women after menopause. People with osteoporosis have weak and brittle bones which greatly increases the risk of fracture. Most often in the wrist, spine or hip and can severely affect the quality of life and life expectancy. The causes of osteoporosis are not fully understood but the majority of health experts believe that age and hormonal changes are most likely...