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Eight tips for healthy eating

Experts say that the success of healthy eating is the balance of nutrition, tested over time, variety and moderation. In other words, experts advise you to eat as varied, without too many calories and without consuming of too much of the same nutrients. 1. Eat foods rich in many nutrients. For an excellent health condition, you need over 40 nutrients and there is no food that can provide them all. Among the foods we select daily diet should be: whole grains bread, fruits, vegetables, dairy products... 

Benefits of Proper Rest For Healthier Life

Are you balance your activities with the appropriate amount of exercise rest.Regular together with the appropriate amount of rest may actually add years of life. Results of some studies indicate that the speed and muscle force many of the elderly can be extended. Leading authorities agree that these new data will destroy many myths about aging and physical activity. Now, the conclusion is that the performance and capabilities of the elderly has long been underestimated, diet, sleep and adequate rest...